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Sebastian Engelmann M. A.

Research Assistant

    Engelmann 2016_2


(+49) (0)3641 944987


(+49) (0)3641 945322


2. OG, Raum 214

Office Hours

After previous registration

At the moment, I am intensely engaged in the idea of the Arbeitsschule (Kerschensteiner, Blonskij) and the rehabilitation of pedagogical networks (Historische Netzwerkforschung). You are welcome to write your theses in one of these areas. More information can be found under the heading "Comments on theses".
For interested people: On the 29th and 30th September 2016 the conference "Sozialismus und Pädagogik. Annäherungen, Distanzierungen, Verhältnisbestimmungen", which I am organizing together with Robert Pfützner and Clemens Bach, will take place here in Jena. More Information can be found here or on inquiry at .
The first volume of "Bildungsphilosophie im Diskurs", from the series "Netze Kontexte Diskurse" edited by me and Elisabeth Franzmann, will be published end of 2016 in the Katzenberg Verlag. Among others, it contains articles on pedagogical relation, the relevance of educational philosophy for biography work, asymmetrical relationships in educational institutions and existential education by Kierkegaard.