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Research Profile


The research profile of the Chair of Historical Pedagogy and Global Education is determined by:

  • the embodiment of the chair-related research center for "Pedagogical Reform", and
  • the responsible participation in the Kolleg "Globale Bildung".

Two questions lie in the center of the analysis of Bildung and culture:

  • first, the question regarding the relationship between a person and structure(s) in educational processes,
  • second, the question regarding the authority relationships within educational processes (due to cultural aspects).

The two questions are often entwined, due to the fact that authority relationships based on cultural factors can be reconstructed by the analysis of the interdependency of person and structure.

The framework for these questions is built by the global horizon and the horizon of globalization, as described in the project perspectives of the UNESCO (e. g. "Education for all").

The contents of our research lie within the framework of a systematic theory of reform pedagogy, an understanding of education oriented on self-reflection and a structural education theory. All this is connected by the search for an understanding of Global Education focused on anthropology.

The method of this understanding of education, in the area of conflict between the individual and structure, is regarded as a contribution to a modern concept of hermeneutics.

More information on the formation of the research profile can be found on the pages of the research associates.